Great Deals on Amazing Pool Cues

If you’re looking for a reliable, yet affordable pool cue option, you should consider buying a used one. A used pool cue provides both novice and serious pool players with an opportunity to purchase a high performance cue at a very reasonable price.

I offer a variety of used pool cues for sale that are made from natural wood and are made from high quality craftsmanship. These cues are equipped with the best and latest features to help you bring out the best in your game. In fact, many of our clients trade in their top cues when they purchase a new custom one, so there is a wonderful buying opportunity for players looking for an economical option.

Check out the list below for a closer look at the used pool cues we have in stock. If you need help selecting the right pool cue for your needs, or if you would like to discuss custom cue options, call me at 618-833-3170 or email me at