Up Your Game With Specialized Break Cues by Chris Cues

Custom Break SticksThe break shot is one of, if not the most important shot in pool. The break sets the stage the for the rest of the game, and often determines which player will take control and have the upper hand for the remainder of the match.

While there is a certain luck factor involved in a break, you want to put yourself in the best possible situation to obtain a favorable outcome so you can take control of the break. One way you can improve your chances of a successful break is by having the right tool at your disposal: a customized break cue.

As a professional cue-maker and a long time competitive pool player, I have a unique perspective of what constitutes as a worthwhile break cue. I make customized pool cues for players of all experience levels, and the cues are advantageously designed to transfer impact, providing you with an opportunity to make precise hits that put you in favorable position to grab and keep the upper hand for the remainder of the game.

Custom Jump Cues

In addition, I provide clients with specialized jump cues, which are shorter and lighter than most traditional cues, and are available in different weights, depending on your preferences. As their name suggests, jump cues allow players to move the ball vertically to make difficult shots.

As well, I can help you make a customized jump and break cue combination that will provide you with the best of both worlds.

My custom handcrafted cues are made from all-natural woods that are visually appealing. To learn more about the benefits of a custom jump and break cue, contact me today.

B9-5 Break Cue. One piece G-10 ferrule, tip combo. Stainless Steel joint pin. 13 MM shaft. 18.7 OZ, not adjustable. – $250.00

BJ9-8 Break/Jump cue. G-10 joint pin. One piece G-10 ferrule, tip combo. 13 MM shaft. 18.3 OZ, not adjustable. – $350.00

BJ10-1 Break/Jump cue. Stainless Steel joint pin. One piece G-10 ferrule, tip combo. 13 MM shaft. 18 OZ, not adjustable. – $325.00

BK10-5 Break/Jump cue. Stainless Steel Joint Pin. One piece G-10 ferrule, tip combo. 13 MM shaft. 18.2 OZ, not adjustable. – $350.00