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We’ve all been there, at one time or another. The game in the balance, and you’re stuck behind your opponent’s ball.


Our customized jump cues are designed to transfer the impact, so that you can make those precise hits you need to win the game.

Even non-pool enthusiasts understand the meaning of a “bad break.” The break sets the tone for the game, and can often mean the difference between winning and losing. Give yourself the best shot at success with a customized break cue.

Made with G10 glass epoxy ferrule, the break and jump cues designed and built at Chris' Cues are engineered for maximum accuracy and control, so you can start any game off right, and end every game in style.

Up your game with specialized cues

Never get a bad break

Make those precise hits

 •  G10 glass epoxy ferrule

 •  Ball control

 •  Accuracy

 •  Sneaky Pete's style

 •  Used cues available

 •  Pool cue repairs available

 •  Natural wood

 •  High quality craftsmanship

Perfect break and jump cues, and more

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break and jump cues.


B9-5   Break Cue. One piece G-10 ferrule, tip combo. Stainless Steel joint pin. 13 MM shaft. 18.7 OZ, not adjustable.  $250.00

BJ9-8   Break/Jump cue. G-10 joint pin. One piece G-10 ferrule, tip combo. 13 MM shaft. 18.3 OZ, not adjustable.  $350.00

BJ10-1   Break/Jump cue. Stainless Steel joint pin. One piece G-10 ferrule, tip combo. 13 MM shaft. 18 OZ, not adjustable.  $325.00

BK10-5   Break/Jump cue. Stainless Steel Joint Pin. One piece G-10 ferrule, tip combo. 13 MM shaft. 18.2 OZ, not adjustable.  $350.00